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The Order: Dark Urban Scottish Crime Story (Parliament House Books Book 2)


A maverick lawyer. A corrupt official. In Scotland's highest court, they will clash over the fate of an innocent child...

Advocate Brogan McLane has always been an outsider in Scotland's Supreme Courts. As comfortable at the Bar of the Court as he is in the local pub, his life has been an uphill struggle to find justice. But in a world where personal agendas and politics ride roughshod over the law, men like McLane attract powerful enemies...

McLane soon finds himself in the legal battle of his life, when his wife takes in an African refugee child. Smuggled into Scotland and brutalized by criminals, the law has failed this young girl at every turn. Now, the smugglers behind her suffering plan to use political connections to deport her back to war-torn Africa... Unless McLane can stop them in court.

Standing against him is the most powerful law officer in the land... The Lord Advocate, a man who despises Brogan McLane. This petty official only cares about advancing his career. And innocent or not, McLane's young client stands in his way...

From a devastated African village to the gleaming corridors of Buckingham Palace, McLane must use every legal trick up his sleeve to protect the young girl. But can he win her case in time? Or will justice drown in a storm of corruption?

The Order is a standalone novel in the addictive Parliament House Scottish crime series. If you like heroic lawyers, corrupt politics, and the struggle for justice, you'll love this triumphant legal thriller.

Can Scotland's most determined lawyer win justice for an innocent child? ReadThe Order and find out today.

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