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The Private Lie (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 2)


"My top underrated PI author!" - Don Kidwell, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." - Amazon Reviewer

Private Eye Sam Dyke promises to help his son find his missing girlfriend. But then he discovers that two Liverpudlian gangsters-the Ginger Twins-are involved up to their eyeballs. And they're not nice people. Bribery, corruption and murder stick to them like tar.

So Sam and the Twins are set on a headlong confrontation that can only terminate in death or destruction. Just the kind of action that Sam likes.

Filled with fascinating characters, intriguing situations and exciting action,The Private Lie has topped Amazon's 'hard-boiled crime' charts in both the UK and the US.

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Keith Dixon

Keith Dixon was born in Yorkshire and grew up in the Midlands. He’s been writing since he was thirteen years old in a number of different genres: thriller, espionage, science fiction, literary. He’s the author of seven novels in the Sam Dyke Investigations series and two other non-crime works, as well as two collections of blog posts on the craft of writing. When he’s not writing he enjoys reading, learning the guitar, watching movies and binge-inhaling great TV series. He’s currently spending more time in France than is probably good for him.

Learn more about Keith by following him on Twitter @keithyd6, by reading his blog at or connect with him on Facebook at His website is here:

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