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The Secrets of Chateau Swansea: A Gothic Romance


1889, Swansea England

When the mistress of Chateau Swansea falls to her death from a second-floor balcony, Maribeth Sommerset offers her services as a private psychic investigator. Nothing stays hidden from her for long, except for the secrets of her own tragic childhood.

Is a ghost terrorizing the inhabitants of the haunted chateau or is something else foul afoot? In order to discover the truth and secure the career of her dreams, Maribeth must gain the trust of the steward of the estate, Arthur Dunn. As the only eye-witness to the crime, Arthur’s assistance may prove invaluable … or deadly.

The last person Arthur wishes to deal with in the midst of a police investigation on the estate he holds dear is a meddling charlatan. He escaped the jaded life of a fortune-teller family once already. Good riddance. But when circumstances force him to accept Maribeth’s offer of services, he can’t deny there is something about her that makes him want to believe he can let go of his dark past and embrace a bright future.

Will they uncover the secrets of Chateau Swansea and surrender their hearts to one another before the murderer strikes again?

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