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The Serpent Road: A Science Fiction Novel


Aliens, ancient civilisations and the ultimate road trip. No one knows where the Seelee came from or where they went. All Tohil knows, is that he and his companions must find a way to stop them. His journey of discovery raises as many questions as it has answers. The clues to the alien technology that threatens them lie deep within himself.

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Anthony James

Anthony James writes science fiction, though sometimes he thinks that the science fiction writes him. He grew up on speculative fiction of all sorts, though it was the greats, Asimov, Herbert, Dick, Clarke, Wolfe, Heinlein that shaped his perception. In his real life, he does other things, apart from writing, following the principle laid down by Robert A. Heinlein, that specialization is for insects. So, he strives not to be an insect.

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