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The Shmoogly Boo



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Eileen wharton

I have always told stories for as long as I can remember. I told the kids in my class that Batman was my uncle. I used to make my own books out of bits of paper and pins. So I’ve always had a desire to be a published writer. I was extremely inventive at coming up with excuses for non- completion of homework and often invited friends to parties that didn’t exist.
I have five ‘lively’ offspring ranging from twenty six to seven years of age. All the time the kids were growing up (spraying each other with Dettox, competing in gymnastics competitions, getting excluded from school etc. etc.) I wrote. I was awarded a Northern New Promise Award in 2002 and have won various prizes in National short story competitions. (Once beating one of my former teachers! Mwahaha)
I teach at Greenfield School Community and Arts College and live on a council estate in Bishop Auckland. I have never eaten kangaroo testicles, am allergic to cats and have a phobia of tinned tuna.

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