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The Shoemaker's Son (Time Travelling Assassins Book 2)


Book 2 in the Time Travelling Assassins series.

In the twenty years since Brogan O'Malley first encountered the enigmatic woman known only as Darcy, she has not aged one bit.

It is a mystery for another day, however. Life in Georgian Edinburgh is brutal, and if he is going to survive much longer, he may have to seek out Messrs Burke and Hare, two Irish gentlemen with an nefarious offer he can't afford to refuse.

Darcy is also looking for the two men, but for an entirely different reason. And when Brogan finds out why, his whole world is going to change forever.

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Gayle Ramage

Scottish author of light, speculative fiction. Doctor Who fan and genuinely would love to scoot around time and space in my very own TARDIS!

I also write standalone stories under the pen names Izzy Hunter and RK Moore.

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