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The Silvering: Rise of the Listurn (The Silvering Series Book 2)


Book 2 of the fantasy books in The Silvering Series and the second in reading order.

The end of the evil sorcerer Nepsaril was supposed to be the start of a new life in a magical land for Loran and Topen. Instead, a nightmare looms on the horizon.

The mark of dark magic remains on the flesh of Loran's brother and power now dominates his mind. He seeks help from the Listurn, potent magical beings from Topen's realm who could help him strip the sovereignty from his twin. But the opportunistic Listurn may have found a greater purpose for him.

A plan is forged within the walls of Avileen castle to retrieve Loran's brother before he succeeds with his quest. If they fail, tyranny could replace the benevolent sovereignty that currently rules, and a long standing peace between two powerful magical families could be shattered.

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G.B. Wren

The world is what we make it, as the saying goes. I long decided I would take that axiom to heart and literally create worlds of my making with my writing. I started with poems, graduated to songwriting, then screenplays. And now, I can only wonder why I didn't start writing novels sooner.

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