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The Sir Rodney Vignettes: Literary Laughter

If we can't laugh at ourselves...

Meet Sir Rodney, an Old World charmer, whose person is held in such unwarranted awe and high esteem by his young American narrator that his bumbling antics, insignificant and menial to a tee, are portrayed in a completely different light: as examples of almost earthshaking consequence, which they definitely are not. This little book, where literary laughter abounds, is respectfully dedicated to Sir Roger de Coverley, a member of the Spectator Club, a character created by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in 1711, a lovable but somewhat farcical English squire and old country gentleman, a man whose antics can teach us much about life, one important lesson being the ability to not take ourselves so seriously.

Sir Rodney, the hero of our little book, and his overly admiring narrator show us that pretentiousness and silliness are more than likely close cousins and that both have lived long and healthy lives, yesteryear's Sir Roger and today's Sir Rodney pudding proof of that.

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Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer is the author of mysteries, thrillers, humorous fiction, literary fiction, and true romance: Love and romance, laughter and tears, thrills and fears. He lives in Southern California wine country with his wife, Kitty, and their two rescue cats.

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