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The Touch of Honey (The Honey Saga Book 1)


Two things anchor Joni Crawford to the world of the living - a dog and a dream. After the deaths of her husband and son, she languishes between a life of mere existence and living. Until the picture.

A federal investigation, a mob boss and a chance at love enter the widow's life when she innocently googles the name, Adam Carmichael.

CIA agent, Tony Jefferies is working undercover. He has penetrated the Gambini crime family ranks and earned the title of hitman/cleaner. An NSA report results in a new mission for the agent - to investigate why she is searching for him now.

It doesn't take long for the man to realize she has no recollection of him at the scene of the fatal accident that changed her life. Nor does it take him long to fall in love.

Memories of her husband frequently invade their tender moments. Her insecurities, fears and a nagging doubt keep Joni from opening her heart to the man, although she delights the time spent with him.

Agent Jefferies, aka Adam Carmichael, has fallen deeply in love but has one fear of his own. Will the woman he calls honey forgive him when she learns of the investigation and deception that brought them together.

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J. L. Brandenburg

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