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The Trio: MMM First Time Hockey Romance


Secrets Are Easy To Keep Between Two... But What About Between Three

Hockey ace Anton is going places, when Bailey Scott literally crash lands in his life. But Anton is hiding a secret which threatens to explode, when rookie player Bailey is added to it. Together with strong, silent type, Christoff, he has kept his sexuality under wraps for years.

But Bailey doesn't do private. Or discreet. Or anything that involves staying on the right side of the law. Despite the chaos Bailey brings to their lives, the pair are powerless to stop him, as his sheer force consumes them.

Before long, the trio are thrust into a hot and dangerous affair, which threatens to overwhelm all of them. With trouble hot on his heels, it is down to Anton and Christoff to rein in their young lover, when catastrophe looms.

Will they stand by Bailey when the chips are down or go back to their safe life of comfort?

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Lilly Wilder

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