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THE TULIP MASSACRE: ... the Conspiracy within.


Chief Iboroma, a good historian had early enough stumbled on the secret ploy of the cabal to continually enslave the Niger Delta people. He may not match in strength to totally avert from his people the full weight of this ploy, but he was determined to at least make them carry out their plans with utter difficulty if they must. In an attempt, he must be scourged to bleed. Trying to wipe the exudates from the painful blisters, he may have gruesomely murdered Ime, a Personal Aide to Dr Dagogo, former Governor, now a minister and a stooge to the cabal. Or, maybe that’s what Dagogo in connivance with the cabal wants the people to think so he could seize the chance to shepherd his lackey, Adolf Nnwakuku, to the hilltop mansion. But Iboroma has got the love and support of the people; it’s hard to incite the people against him even in the face of such weighty malfeasance.Pained by the recurrent suppression and oppression, the militant group has massively reinforced, apart from avenging their murdered leader, they’ve seen through the eyes of Iboroma and have already aligned with him in an attempt to reclaim their land. To them, the first step is to avenge Uruabe, and lo, THE TULIP MASSACRE and its unending rippling aftermath.

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