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The Unwelcome One (Tales of the Gaijin Ronin Book 1)


Life when you're an outsider in a xenophobic nation is hard. But life when you're a half-elf in a xenophobic nation which despises elves is harder. Yet Saevia Haruda has somehow managed to make it work, carving out an existence for herself alongside her adoptive father, Jin. On the war-battered island of Nukia, there is always work for samurai-even ronin.

For as long as anyone can remember the humans and elves of Nukia have been at war with each other. Despite being a foreigner, Saevia has always encountered backlash from the elves' actions towards the humans. So when she is told that she and her father must leave their current job to return home due to an elven attack in a nearby village, Saevia takes it in stride...

However things go wrong very quickly. A merchant's greed sends Saevia, along with her father and two of their friends, into the area of Nukia only known as the Southlands. Home to the Nukian elves, it is forbidden for humans to enter. The plan was for them to enter and and leave as quickly as they could...yet Saevia and her party are noticed. The Elemental God of Fire, Suzaku, notices Saevia. Harboring his own plans regarding the war between the humans and elves, he decides to test Saevia, setting a trio of elves after the traveling party. Yet the result is more explosive than anyone thought, as it seems a half-elf is a living threat...

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H.T. Macintyre

H.T. Macintyre is a thirtysomething human that lives in the greatest known collection of the strange, wacky, weird and just sometimes outright crazy...otherwise known as South Florida. She is also owned by three cats.

When not writing or working to make sure that the feline overlords stay fed, she can be found haunting the local bookstores or engaging in misadventures both in tabletop RPGs and videogames.

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