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The Weavemaker: Book Two of The Tapestry Trilogy (The Tapestry Series 2)


The tapestries are the very essence of life, and they are guarded by just one sentient being. He is older than time itself. He created time and knows all secrets old and new, stories not even born yet.
He knows them as he is the one that weaves the secrets on his loom. He sits in his room and weaves his tapestries for each and every world. The thread he uses is invisible to the naked eye as it's so fine it's impossible to be seen, unless you are the weavemaker of course.

Then nothing is unseen, impossible or unimaginable. Nothing is impossible if you weave the stories through which every living thing leads their lives...but not all stories have happy endings as Loretta was about to find out.

She turned and looked at Saul, still sat quietly, watching and asked in a dry whisper through angry tears. “Why did you make us do that? What are you? He didn't answer but gestured towards the beermat, still slowly spinning on its own axis and said “You can end his pain now if you wish.”

She slammed her hand down angrily on the mat and immediately the sound of the beating heart in her head stopped.
A defining moment for Loretta and the path she was about to embark on, the troubles for the woman of two tongues was only just beginning, her thread was on its darkest path...but could she be saved?

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Paul Wigmore

Paul Wigmore was born in Coventry in 1975. Now living in Manchester and running his own business. The first book to capture his attention at the young age of fourteen was 'Four Past Midnight' by Stephen King. Since then his imagination has been captured by other Great authors such as James Herbert and Clive Barker. He now wants to capture your imagination and take you on his journey with him. 'The Tapestry' is his first novel and 'The Weavemaker' is its sequel, recently published. The final part of the trilogy is to be published very soon.

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