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The Wrath of the Revenant (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher Book 3)


> He's been watching.
… and waiting.

On new earth, nothing is ever what it seems.

Called in to view a satellite image, Tremain spots something that shouldn't be there.

Faced with the reality of a killer super-storm, a woman who isn't what she pretends to be, and an unexpected reunion, Tremain and his nephew Christopher thought they had their hands full.
That was until they came face to face with a vengeful being determined to destroy the humans he considers a plague.

They'll only have one chance to prove humanity is worth saving.

Can they pacify the Wrath of the Revenant or will all hope be lost?

If you like Doctor Who, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rodgers, you'll love the Adventures of Tremain & Christopher. Grab your copy today!

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Terry Marchion

Terry lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family and black lab (who loves mom best). For the past 24 years, he's been in the embroidery industry and is a Wilcom Authorized Trainer. His first book of fiction; "The Missing Yesterdays" was published in April 2016. He's currently working on the follow-up as well as an ebook on embroidery digitizing.

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