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Things Fall Apart: A Mother's Plight


An emotional journey of awakening, through broken trust, heartbreak, and family conflict. Despite being at the depths of despair, in the face of adversity, there is always a belief for the promise of a hopeful future. This is a coming of age story with a difference. It's 35 year old single mother Mandy who is forced to mature and grow up quickly, by the time we reach the final chapters of this incredible chronicle that takes us from the blindness of naivety into pain, despair and eventually, at great cost, the maturity of hard-won wisdom.

Set in the mid nineteen eighties in Edinburgh, a city dubbed as the drug's capital of Europe, a place where Mandy faces a mother's worst nightmare. The warning signs are staring her in the face, but at first she doesn't heed them. All she wants to do is love, nurture and protect her family, but despite all her efforts she has to stand by, watching helplessly as it fragments, and things fall apart. How does she bring things to a peaceful conclusion? Is it even possible?

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Sharon Brownlie

Brownlie hadn't planned to write crime fiction, or any fiction for that matter, but she is glad she did. She has created a police team who are involved in solving crimes in and around Edinburgh. Detective Inspector Belinda Brennan is a woman in a man's world and loves her work. Sharon Brownlie is creating a series of crime novels using DI Brennan and her team.

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