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Third Chances (A Luca Mystery Book 4)

Where Does Justice End And Vengeance Begin?Solving homicides is Detective Luca's calling and obsession. Using a combination of instinct and dogged determination, he gets inside the mind of a killer.

As a cunning killer targets his next victim, fear grips the Palm treed streets of upscale Naples, creating a new challenge for Luca.

˃˃˃ The timing of the threat couldn't be worse. Luca feels his skills are dulled by chemotherapy and he's trying to navigate a romantic relationship with his partner, Mary Ann Vargas.

Leads are scarce and conflicting. Luca begins to wonder if he's chasing a single vigilante or two dedicated sociopaths. The new sheriff is convinced Luca's in over his head and calls in the FBI to take over when the body count rises.

˃˃˃ It's a heavy blow to Luca's reputation, whose stakes in the game of cat and mouse increase by the hour.

Luca is convinced if he doesn't find a way to catch this sneaky killer, not only is his career over but his recovery from loss and battle with cancer are at risk.

Detective Frank Luca is back in another suspenseful murder mystery.

˃˃˃ Written by International Bestselling Author, Dan Petrosini. Fans of Law and Order, CSI and House of Cards will love this gripping mystery crime thriller!Third Chances is Book 4 in the stand alone, Luca Mystery series. Grab it today!

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Dan Petrosini

Dan has his own view of the world and culture or lack thereof. He is passionate in his belief that people can realize their dreams if they focus and take action and actively encourages people.
Married with two daughters and a needy Maltese, Dan splits his time between South West Florida and New York City where he was born. Dan teaches at local colleges, writes novels and plays the tenor saxophone in a couple of jazz bands. He also drinks way too much wine.
Dan has an active blog at and has written thirteen novels.

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