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Time for Surprises (The Solvik Series Book 4)


Small-town romance, set in Norway! For fans of Debbie Macomber and Nancy Naigle.

When Miranda's father dies, his will reveals his specific intentions, not only for the new hotel he is building but also for his children. Drama and intrigue, jealousy and revenge, are soon part of the siblings' lives. Not all of them are happy about moving to a small town, nor are they pleased with the positions they have been assigned through inheritance.

As the hotel manager, Miranda is determined to make Sea Breeze Hotel & Spa a success. However, problems keep piling up even before the grand opening, and her unemployed husband Vidar has plans of his own. Feeling passed over, he surprises them all by his devious acts.

Can Miranda forgive and forget, and give Vidar another chance? Or is love in store for her elsewhere?

Time for Surprises is the fourth book in the Solvik series - contemporary small-town love stories with a dash of suspense. It's a stand-alone novel.
Haven't read the first book in the series? You can download Time for Honesty for FREE!

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Mette Barfelt

Mette Barfelt is a Scandinavian author. After 16 years working for travel agents and airlines, she educated in marketing and started writing books.
With her background in the travel industry, she has traveled extensively throughout the world and visited numerous countries. Her passion for travels and cruises resulted in a non-fiction cruise guide published by Aschehoug Publishing House in Oslo, Norway.
She is now writing contemporary novels - sweet small town love stories with a dash of suspense. She lives with her husband and two teenagers, outside Oslo in Norway.

This is the Solvik series:

Book #1 Time for Honesty

Book #2 Time for True Love

Book #3 Time for New Beginnings  

Book #4 Time for Surprises

Book #5 Time for Second Chances 

Book #6 Time for Challenges 

Book #7 Time for Christmas (to be released early fall)

For more information, please visit her on Facebook: or


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