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Tom's Inheritance


Tom’s life is pretty ordinary until his grandfather disappears, but then everything changes. He starts dreaming about a mysterious woman who tells him, “It is time,” but he has no idea what she’s talking about. Then a package arrives from his grandfather, and strangers appear in the woods. Tom and his cousin, Beansprout, decide it’s time to investigate, and they accidentally cross to another world. 

There Tom meets the woman who has been appearing in his dreams - Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. She tells him that he must travel to Avalon and wake King Arthur from his enchanted sleep. Something dark is stalking the old forest and Vivian needs Arthur’s help. 

The Other is filled with danger, strange magic, and powerful allies, and Tom discovers the ancient stories are real – and so are ancient enemies. Tom’s future seems bound with Arthur’s, and his life may never be the same again.

A magical tale for older children and all lovers of Arthurian legend.

This is the first book in the series.

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TJ Green

I've always loved the weird, the wonderful and the inexplicable, and am drawn to the liminal, magic and mystery, and tales of folklore, faerie, and legend - all the narratives that try to explain our reality. 

The King Arthur stories are fascinating because they sit on the edge of reality and myth. They encompass real life concerns, but also blur with the world of faerie - or the Other as I call it. The stories have always crossed boundaries, and that's what I find particularly fascinating. Many of the main characters use magic, and although Arthur does not have magical powers, he has a sword with mysterious powers. They are stories that have intrigued people for generations, and like many others I'm adding my own interpretation.

T J Green was born in England, but moved to New Zealand 10 years ago. She currently lives near Wellington with her partner and her cats Sacha and Leia. When not writing she does lots of reading, gardening and yoga.

In a previous life she's been a singer in a band, and has done some acting with a theatre company - both of which were lots of fun. On occasions she and a few friends make short films, which begs the question, where are the book trailers? Coming soon...

Tom's Inheritance is T J Green's first book and was written in between studying for an English degree and working full time. The sequel is called Twice Born, and was released on the 10th February 2017. She is now working on book 3, as yet untitled, and also a few short stories which further expand the world of Tom in the Other.

Other projects include a book set in the real world - whatever that is - but there will be unusual things happening.

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