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Triple Threat: MMM First Time Hockey Romance

Can Three Be The Magic Number?

Hot new player Mats does more than just score goals. Arrogant, ambitious and good looking, he thrives on attention. And he just loves teasing team star, Keir.

Keir is a ladies’ man. He likes women. And he lives to party.

So how does he wake up, unexpectedly married to someone he doesn’t even like?

But Mats knows how to push the right buttons. Before long, Keir is putty in his hands. And he’s not the only one. Because there is a third person in this marriage – Keir’s friend Finn.

However, Keir is desperate to keep their mutual arrangement to himself. Unfortunately, life has other ideas and keeps thrusting him and his new husband into the spotlight. The attention which Mats craves so much. Does Mats really have feelings for Keir and Finn, or is he just using them?

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Lilly Wilder

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