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Truths Unspoken (The Souls Untethered Saga Book 1.5)


Lali had her say. Now it's Kai's turn...

Set before, during, and just after the events in Souls Untethered, this thrilling, full-length companion novel is told from Kai's perspective. Discover his true motivations and what really happened when Lali wasn't around.

Kai Awana can find anyone ... well, almost. His ability to appear next to whomever he envisions should have made things easier, but even after months of searching and a series of morally questionable actions, he is still no closer to reaching the one person he desperately wants to find--his sister, Kala. That is, until he comes across someone whose ability just might be exactly what he needs. The only problem is, this someone has every reason to hate him. But Kai will do anything to ensure he gets his sister back--even if it means blurring the line between right and wrong.

"Being inside Kai's head was great and made me love his character."
★★★★★ - T.L., Amazon Reviewer

"The story gives so much perspective into Kai's life and thoughts that aren't presented in book 1 that I'm left rethinking my initial reaction to his character."
★★★★★ - Jennifer, Amazon Reviewer

"With many twists and turns, it is hard to put this book down."
★★★★★ - Ciayrra, Amazon Reviewer

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**This book was previously published as: Nemesis (The Astralis Series Book 1.5). This is the same story, only slightly re-edited and rebranded with a different title and cover.**

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K.J. McPike

USA Today bestselling and multi-award-winning author K.J. McPike lives out of a carry-on size suitcase and a backpack. (Okay, mostly the backpack.) After growing up in rural Virginia, she embraced the nomad life and has since lived in Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, as well as all over the United States. Somehow, she still hasn’t decided where she wants to settle down.

Keep up with her books and her nomadic ways online at or through Instagram and Twitter at @kj_mcpike.

List of K.J.'s books:

Souls Untethered (Book 1)
Truths Unspoken (Book 1.5)
Fates Unsparing (Book 2) 
TBD (Book 3) ➜ Coming Spring/Summer 2018

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