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Twice as Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective HardBoiled Mystery Novel

***AMAZON BESTSELLER***Twice the suspense!Twice the danger!!PI Jarvis Mann is working two casesMaking his professional and personal life twice as difficult.
Ray Malone is a promising college football starWhose career is derailed by injuriesWhen an embarrassing video of him arrivesWith the warning of it going publicThreatening his future football career.

Case two has landlord Kate Tanner
Hiring Jarvis to gather evidence against her cheating husbandSoon a connection to a dangerously perverted man is discoveredPutting everyone in jeopardy.

Trying to balance both cases
Each dragging him deeper into different sleazy underworldsWith danger and death all around himJarvis must somehow rescue everyone before these casesClaim his life, as well as the one he is growing to love.

Best Detective Novel of the Year!! "I am hooked, R Weir you did it again. I am not going to spoil it for the True Believers, as Stan Lee would say "Excelsior!" I am sure that I could navigate through some of the streets of Colorado just by the vivid and very detailed descriptions provided by R. Weir. The plot is incredible with twists and turns. The characters are also well developed and the description of them gives you a perfect image of them and makes it easier to see the words you read flow like a movie on the screen."... B.K. Maxwell

"I absolutely love the Jarvis character. He just has a great, dont mess with me attitude that is easy to relate too. I also am really rooting for him and Melissa. :) To me, this book was the best one yet and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really enjoy reading books by R. Weir. His writing is good and the stories are easy to love and get swept into. I look forward to reading more from him in the future"...Stormi

"This is a well detailed, can't put it down thriller/mystery story. R. Weir once again keeps us on the edge of our seats!" ...Chrissy

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Coming soon: Mann in the Crossfire

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