Under A Namibian Sky (A Desert Love Novel Book 1)

by Angelina Kalahari


Under a Namibian Sky: Naomi Smith and her Auntie Elsa run the Desert Lodge for safaris in Namibia. When Naomi meets Luca Armati she expects him to be the typical “prince”, a demanding and spoiled guest. To her discomfort, she realizes that both Luca and his secretary Santina are kind, generous and charming. The attraction between Naomi and Luca builds during their photo safari trips and Naomi realizes that Luca is much more than she expected when he is moved to join an anti-poaching raid.

Trouble arises when Luca becomes mysteriously cold to Naomi. Naomi has other troubles as well: she is assaulted by a guest and her Auntie Elsa is dying. Luca returns to patch things up with Naomi before it is too late.

Theme of the Book

Under a Namibian Sky is a romance novel of love found, love lost, and love regained. Ms. Kalahari writes of motherly love, of friendship and of romantic love. There is a deep love between Naomi and her aunt who adopted Naomi after years of unsuccessful foster care. Naomi suffers from a fear of abandonment and must conquer this before she is able to find love with Luca.

What I Liked About the story

Naomi is a sympathetic character. She is a strong woman but with a fear of commitment because of her traumatic childhood. This fear has kept her from recognizing the depth of Luca’s feelings for her, leading her to wonder if it is just a question of a holiday fling. The growth of Naomi’s character is one of the best parts of the novel.

Luca, of course, is every woman’s dream man. Tall, dark, handsome, wealthy but generous and caring, it is hard to imagine a more attractive hero. He, too, has his weaknesses which are also a result of abandonment by his mother when he was a child.

Secondary characters are also well-defined and interesting in their own right. Aunt Elsa, in particular, is a wonderful character and Stefan makes a great villain.

The erotic scenes (only two) are very well done. They are sensual without being crude and without using clichés.

It was especially nice to read a book set in the Namibian desert. The descriptions of the desert, especially at dawn and at night, are true to life and not overly romanticized. The author makes a strong point that we should all be concerned about the poaching of wild animals, especially elephants.

What I Didn’t Like About the story

In Venice, Luca talks about travel to Bologna. He says it will take two hours to fly there and another 45 minutes to drive to Modena. Since Luca’s family makes supercars, why would they fly from Venice to Bologna when driving takes no more than an hour and a half?

On the whole, the book is well-written. It is only the details of language and logic that let this author down.

Final Say

For fans of romance fiction, Under a Namibian Sky is a pleasing read. The characters are likeable, the setting exotic, and the plot believable.

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