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Unlucky Charm: The Black Kat Prequel


Being a Super isn't all it's cracked up to be...
Trouble follows Officer Katherine Carter wherever she goes, and her latest antics are drawing attention from the media, the Chicago Police Review Board, and a gorgeous glowing man with abilities as strange as her own. Her unique physical talents get her into hot water at work as things get steamy with Officer Antonio Valdez, who might just have a few new career options for her, among other things.

Meanwhile, illusionist Hugh Harrison is attracting his own firestorm of unwanted attention. Poisoned by a jealous woman and hexed by another, he faces the trial of the century for making his brother disappear--permanently. No prison can hold him for long, but his health condition slows him down as he tries to find out what really happened and protect an underground community of people who share his extraordinary powers.

Note from Hugh Unlucky Charm is the prequel to Black Kat, a dark romantic comedy series with superheroes, action, adventure and cliffhangers. You can find Book 1, Kat & Mouse, here:

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Kimberly Gordon

I'm a writer, veteran and mother of five. I live in a 100 year old farmhouse in rural Illinois, where I enjoy coming up with outrageous stories and telling them to whoever will listen, including my chickens.

I come from a family of writers and have a background in theater and broadcasting. I have a lifelong passion for words. My favorite authors include my mother, Kathleen Kirkwood, followed closely by Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare. I'm also a big fan of God's many masterpieces, especially the Bible, lilacs, and the cacao bean.

I'm currently working on two romantic comedy series:

Calpernica is a romantic comedy series set in a small Midwest town over the first half of the 21st century. Book 1, Crazy in the Heart, was published in May. Book 2, Wilde in the Heart, will be out on April Fool's Day, 2017.

Black Kat is a dark romantic comedy and urban fantasy/fantasy series with superheroes. The prequel, Unlucky Charm, is now out. The next two books will be out in 2017.

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