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This book is suited to people between 12 and 80 years of age. I know because I have had feedback from this age range. It is ever so slightly dystopian, but not in the mindset of the Hunger Games etc. Set thirty years in the future, it has themes which adults find relevant and thought provoking, and younger people can ignore as they read the adventure of Adam and his friends.

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Tracy Todd

Having worked abroad for over twenty years, I returned to my native town of Grimsby and began writing. I also develop community projects to encourage young people to understand their own aspirations and work on community projects to improve local involvement.

Combining both of my passions, I have used my books and programmes to provide workshops in schools, at writer's clubs and with youth theatres. With the help of a local script writer and Fusion Youth Theatre last year, I took a stage play - an extract of Unscanned - to the Humber Literary Festival. This year the play was extended to include physical drama, music, dance and song with the local Stagecoach Youth Theatre, (a national organisation). Next year, I begin a full performance with the Doncaster Stagecoach Youth Theatre. All proceeds will go to charity.

With local partners - script writers, drama and film producers, youth theatres and community centres, I am now working on producing an episode of the book to be filmed and screened locally. We will work in one of the most deprived areas in the UK to give young people with low self esteem a chance to become crew, as well as actually shooting their own film. We are currently applying for funding.

In addition to this, I am working on various other equality, diversity, inclusion and aspiration projects. Every morning, I try very hard to get up an hour early to write at least a thousand words of the third installment of Unscanned, now named The Upsider.

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