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Why promote your books with us?

One Stop Fiction is a book marketing platform run by authors for authors. Therefore, we understand the marketing side of your book business better than most. We will be marketing your books to people who are dedicated readers of your genre and who have signed up to read your books. Therefore, you have a ready waiting audience that is highly targeted.

In addition, we go the extra mile to promote your books to our followers on various social media platforms on the day of your promotion to extend the exposure.

We care about the service we provide and make sure that you have a successful promotion day. That saying, we are also mindful that free books will always be downloaded more than paid books and few people will buy a book on promotion priced higher than 99c. So please be smart about the kind of exposure you want.

Our Packages

We offer 4 different tiers that will give you different types of exposure. For a limited time, we have reduced our rates as a soft opening, and you will find what we offer highly affordable.

New Books on Sale Promotion

In summer 2020 we will be offering a fourth and new book promotion service for authors with new books to launch. This will be our New Books on Sale page for books that have been published within the last 90 days. This service will cost $199 and will consist of the following:

  • 1 Verified Book Review with a review placed on Amazon, GoodReads and our One Stop Fiction Website.
  • 1 Author Review based on a set of questions sent to you
  • Your book will be sent to our special subscribers who have signed to be notified of new books
  • Your book will appear in a newsletter for your book’s particular genre
  • Your book will be given a prominent position on the One Stop Fiction website for 24 hours We will send out 8 tweets throughout the day
  • 1 Facebook post to our various promotion genre groups, our dedicated book promotion Facebook page, our One Stop Fiction business page, our Instagram account and our Pinterest account.


Please make sure that you have your book reduced on the day of the promotion. All promotional prices should be in place by 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time. If this is not the case, we will withdraw the book from our book promotion emails and you will not be given a refund. Authors cannot reschedule or withdraw the book from the dates booked. Your book should remain discounted THROUGH to 11:59 p.m. on the end date of the promotion. This is to ensure satisfaction from our readers who expect the book deal to be available for a 24 hour period. If an author expires a book early more than once, we will, unfortunately, not be able to work with them in the future.