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What It Is

The witty and poignant What It Is follows Lexi's journey as she learns to accept the people around her--alive and dead--for who they really are, flaws and all.
Some might say working at the morgue is a dead-end job. It's true it's not the best place to meet eligible bachelors, but med school reject Lexi Hadley has no other choice. Faced with a heavy dose of post-college reality, Lexi has to adjust to dealing with death every day at her new job, not to mention confront her overbearing father, keep her best friend from turning into a frenemy, and do something with that unfinished grad school application in her desk drawer. Her one diversion is ogling the bartender in the pub below her new apartment, who also happens to be her former high school crush, Christian Holmes. But they won't ever have a chance at romance if Christian's annoying roommate Derick gets his way. 
 What It Is is full of heart (the kind that's not underneath the Y-incision) and just a touch of the grotesque. Although it is the second novel in a series about women with unique careers stumbling upon love, you can read the Smart Women Finding Love books in any order. 

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Kit Sergeant

Like her character Addy in Thrown for a Curve, Kit has a practically useless degree in marine biology. A teacher by profession and at heart, Kit loves to impart little-known facts and dares you to walk away from one of her books without learning at least one new thing. She has written a few "beach reads" with intelligent and strong female leads. One of them, What It Is, was a previous Kindle Scout winner. Her newest book, 355: The Women of Washington's Spy Ring, keeps the strong heroines that are essential to Kit's books, but takes them back 240 years, to the genesis of America and the women who helped spawn it.

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