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When We Named You, Baby Girl


It is the joy of every parent, picking out the name of that new baby. But what is she going to be? Maybe she will be an athlete, a politician, or, for at least a few years, a fairy princess.
This book details the road that each parent takes as they consider all the things in the world that go into a name. It is written in fun, rhyming prose meant for little ears.
Written by Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney. Illustrated by Stacy Redhead.

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Mandy NM

Mandy lives in the Midwest with her band of fearless daughters who take turns dressing as fairytales princesses and stormtroopers. It is these small, fiery people who inspire Mandy to write, to invent female characters that can both cry and kick a*s. Visit her online at to see more of her work, find out what's coming up next, and to contact Mandy. 

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