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Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery


"As a 'true crimeophile' this is one of the best historical books I have read." Paul Hunt
"A great who-dunnit, brilliantly told. Magnificent!" David Hall

A Heart-Wrenching British Murder Story covering the True Murder of Young John Gill in Yorkshire,1888.
It is every mother's nightmare when a child goes missing. Mary Gill frantically searches for her young son when he doesn't come home after his milk run with William Barrett.

Days later, his mutilated body, eviscerated and washed clean, is found by a butcher's boy in a quiet lane.

Who killed little Johnny Gill? Was it William Barrett or was it Jack the Ripper?

With Barrett drumming up community support, and money shoring up his defense, suddenly, there are more questions than answers.

This is one murder mystery you won't be able to put down until the last page is turned.

A well researched true story that will transport you back to Victorian times where McMaster skilfully brings to life the people and the city of Bradford.

"What an amazing read! Kathryn transports us back to 1888 Bradford, in what was the year of Jack The Ripper, and keeps us transfixed by the characters and events involved. The retelling involves fictional conversations, but the factual events are all there, and it reads as crime non- fiction in real terms. Everything falls into place and The narrative was so compelling. I want to see the crime scenes now ( many streets and surroundings survive to this day) Please buy this book if you like true crime, Jack the Ripper, or simply want a great who-dunnit, brilliantly told. Magnificent! "David Hall

This book is written in British English.

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Kathryn McMaster

 Kathryn McMaster is a best selling author of true crime murders. Her debut novel was well received and she has gone on to write a very succesful series entitled, "Kids who Kill" looking at child murderers of all ages. If you enjoy books by Ann Rule and Jack Rosewood, you will enjoy these.

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