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Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?


"Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" is a fictionalised account of the true murder of a young boy in Bradford, England that is still considered today to be one of the worst British murders in England, despite the fact that it occurred in 1888 of Victorian Times. After the author presents the facts of this fascination English crime fiction novel, will you think William Barrett is innocent? Well, you will have to read the book to find out for yourself.

This well-written, true story will transport you back to Victorian Times where McMaster skilfully brings to life the people and the city of Bradford, England presenting a well-crafted, fictionalised account of the events based on documents and trial transcripts. This is one murder mystery you won't be able to put down until the last page is turned.

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Kathryn McMaster

 Kathryn McMaster is the pen name for Kathryn Bax. She writes historical murder mysteries, usually unsolved crimes of the Victorian era, written as creative nonfiction. She is passionate about helping indie authors to get ahead, and runs several Facebook author groups, as well as being the co-founder of this website, One Stop Fiction.

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