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Who Knocked Out Santa Claus?


A magical, beautifully illustrated, delightfully funny and touching Christmas story about a little girl's adventures with Santa Claus.

Santa Claus knows Chloe quite well. Every time his head hurts these days, he remembers her and thinks back to the night that she gave him the worst headache of his life. He laughs about it now, but as he would tell you, he did not at the time because Christmas very nearly did not happen.

And Chloe could have got the blame!

So was it really Chloe’s fault that Santa got knocked out? Well, the fairies and elves have an argument about whose fault it really was, especially as Santa Claus was stumbling around in the dark as a naughty elf had borrowed his flashlight. But then again, if Chloe hadn’t left her toys lying around, Santa wouldn’t have tripped over her doll’s buggy and be lying out cold on her bedroom floor!

Can Chloe wake up Santa in time to save Christmas?

Find out in this enchanting, exciting, humorous, vibrantly illustrated Christmas story which all children who believe in the magic of Santa Claus are sure to love!

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Steve Ellis

 Steve Ellis has been writing and narrating stories for children for many years. His work as an English teacher has kept him in contact with children and taken him to Turkey, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia. In rural Borneo, as a teacher trainer/mentor he has promoted the use of illustrated story books as a learning aid for children to read, as well as doing drama and music projects with them.

Steve’s  passion for writing stories for children has its roots in his own childhood, in the pleasure that books gave him from an early age, even before he could read properly himself. He can still remember the joy of holding a book and lingering over the pictures as tales were read to him by his parents and grandfather.

Later, as he learned to read, both his parents and teachers at primary school nurtured Steve’s love of books and ensured a plentiful supply of reading material – one teacher brought his personal collection of stories for children into class! Love of reading soon led to love of making up stories and writing, both at school and at home, and many years later that enthusiasm continues.

Steve has enjoyed sharing his stories with his own children – and now grandchildren, Joe (7) and Millie (3). He’s delighted that Joe seems to be following in his footsteps by being eager to share stories of his own!.

Steve currently divides his time between Thailand, where he is currently working as a Teacher Trainer and Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo).

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